About us

I’m Sammy Swayn, the founder of Claritea. I’m fortunate that I've done a bit in the short time I've been around. I’ve lived the country life and the city life. I dropped out of school early because it wasn’t for me. I became qualified as an electrician which taught me to work hard. Then I retired at age 20 to become a musician. Being a musician taught me to be creative. Whilst I was playing at events I began creating and producing the events that I wanted to play at and they were of all different types and sizes, and I've been doing that for the past 7 years.

Music festivals and community shows like food truck festivals + markets with the largest show totalling over 35,000 people in a weekend. With big events came big stress but my battles with ill mental health began in my younger years.

I have struggled with mental health since as young as I can remember, battling with anxiety and depression. The mental health battles took me to the darkest depths of the human mind where I was achieving great things in my events career, yet still questioning life which led to my lowest of lows.

I had no hope and felt as if I would never ‘get’ life - obviously, something needed to change. My doctor introduced me to mindfulness and I began practicing mindfulness and meditation every day as part of my daily routine. It has been the foundation to my good mental health and has enabled me to live a higher quality of life." i created claritea to bring mindfulness every kitchen around the world via a relaxed low barrier entry point of having cup tea. committing my life serving others and helping raise awareness about mental health.