About us

I’m Sammy Swayn, founder of Claritea. In the short time I've been around, I've been fortunate enough to experience a few different walks of life, and wear many hats. After leaving school early to work as an electrician, a job that taught me to value hard work, I retired at age 20 to work in the music industry. This career taught me to think creatively and I began creating and producing the events that I wanted to be involved in, and I've been doing that for the past 7 years.

I enjoyed putting together music festivals, food festivals, and community shows with the largest event totalling over 35,000 people in a weekend. Although my mental health struggles began at a young age, working in events exacerbated my struggles. 

Despite achieving great things in my events career, my battle with anxiety and depression continued, leading me to question my place in life.

At my lowest point, I had no hope and felt as if I would never ‘get’ life - obviously, something needed to change. My doctor introduced me to mindfulness and I began practicing mindfulness and meditation every day as part of my daily routine.
Mindfulness has been the foundation of my renewed mental health, and has enabled me to live a higher quality of life. My hope for Claritea is to make mindfulness accessible and bring it to every kitchen in the world through the relaxed entry point of a cup of tea. 

So far, all of our profits have been split between continuing Clariteas operation and donations to suicide prevention Australia.