Sammy Swayn - Always late but still alive

Sammy Swayn - Always late but still alive

WHO states that over 800 000 people die due to suicide every year and suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds.

I was almost one of those statistics in life… three times over…  1 of the 800,000 people in this mind blowing number.

I’ve visited many places in my journey of life, but none more alienating and deplete of light than the deepest depths of my mental health battles.

Battling serious mental health problems I’ve found myself suicidal three times in my journey of life knocking on death's door.

If you asked my best 3 mates how I go as a friend I could squarely bet that one of the first things they’d say would be that I'm lucky to arrive or best case late. 

Unpredictable and yeah late.

Depression and especially social anxiety has robbed me of so much throughout my life. I more often than not run late because I struggle to get myself out the door.. that’s if I was to get out the door.. I’ve missed birthdays, dinners, nights out, catching movies & sport, you name it i’ve missed it.

My first introduction to mindfulness and meditation was when I was 20 by my family Dr & friend Andrew Nicholls.

From there I began the slow yet consistent road to a better frame of mind, spending a little time each day on improving my mental health.

By no means is it a miracle worker or quick fix, its fucking hard work. Every single day I need to check myself, and ensure i’m not slipping back into bad thought patterns.

I’m forever grateful to Andy for helping me find hope in the darkest of places, and enabling me on this path of learning seven years ago. 

This isn’t a sob story.

I've wanted to help people who struggle with mental health for a long time and I've finally found the words.

I want to tell everyone that sometimes life is fucking tough!; but no matter how dark things get there is always hope!

Never forget that there is always hope, and reach out to a close friend and tell them how you're feeling. The support is there. 

And be as late as many times as you have to be.. but make sure you stay here.

I’m here to chat if ever someone feels the need.

Sammy Swayn.