Hey where did my morning disappear to??

Hey where did my morning disappear to??

Hey where did my morning disappear to??


How often does this thought pop into your mind come around 1 or 2pm? 


When you choose to me mindful, you slow down your current experience and break it down into micro sensory moments. 


Mindfulness slows life down. 


You literally stop and smell the roses when you see them. For that moment, everything else disappears and they become the centre of your attention and the only thing that exists in the wild adventure we call life. 

As your mindful attention develops you begin to take stock stock of everything you do and everything you feel.


This allows you to be more aware of the decisions you’re making, and perhaps choose not to make instead(for me being aware that I want the chocolate bar at the petrol servo counter when I fill up, and deciding ‘but I don’t need it’) .. and that awareness of the decision - enables you to live a high quality of life.


When you practice mindfulness you begin to enjoy your mornings more, soaking up the subtle details of a walk around the block before starting your day, a delightful cup of warm tea and the aromas floating up from the surface, hearing the birds chirping outside.


Practicing mindfulness can give you back your mornings.