For a healthy mind and happy life.

A 21 day mindfulness course with tea.


For a healthy mind and happy life.

A 21 day mindfulness course with tea.


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What we provide for you:

21 tea bags assorted into 7 relaxing flavours of herbal tea. Claritea’s journey involves an introduction to mindfulness with a teaching a day,
beginning with ‘About Mindfulness’ and ending with daily steps to strengthen your mindfulness practice.


Why it works

Mindfulness promotes good mental health, clarity, calmness, reduced stress, increased concentration, reduced rumination, boosts working memory, lessens emotional reactivity and even increased relationship satisfaction.


How it works

Claritea works by fostering mindful awareness, slowing down the process of tea and teaching individuals to engage with their senses deeper than ever before. Through simple guiding techniques with the journey of tea, Claritea helps you to experience a higher quality of life.


Mindfulness, In a cup.

Customer Reviews:

“I absolutely loved my journey with Claritea. The teas alone are absolutely beautiful (I love the variety of flavours), but coupled with the mindfulness program was a real game changer."
Shani Timms
"I couldn’t recommend the Claritea practice highly enough. It’s perfect for anyone looking for an enjoyable and effective introduction to mindfulness."
Locky B
"Thank you Claritea for raising my awareness to the beauty that surrounds us in the simple things of life everyday. I loved it so much I have gifted it to some friends, especially in these times."
Tania S

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